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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Spin Clean Record Cleaner is AMAZING!

I have been seeing several writings of something called the Spin Clean Record Cleaner. As a vinyl lover and collector, this peaked my interest for some time. As an audiophile (An audiophile is a person with a strong interest in high-quality sound production), I have to have the cleanest, purest sound reproduction I can get, to even enjoy listening to music. And, on my extremely limited budget, the price of the Spin Clean was enticing. But would it do the job to satisfy my picky taste for sound?

I tried the SPIN CLEAN and was ASTOUNDED with the results! I’ve used the vpi vacuums and, in my opinion, it didn’t do NEAR the job of deep cleaning that the SPIN CLEAN did! After adding the distilled water to the basin, as suggested and a few caps full of the cleaning solution, I added the pads and began the cleaning process. I used a record that I knew was not only filthy with dust, but the hard to clean oily finger prints left behind from someone who doesn’t know how to properly handle vinyl.
Three turn to the left and three turns to the right and I dried the disc off with the towels included in the package. Incredible! It’s not only surface clean, with the sleek shine of a new vinyl, but DEEP clean! I placed the record on my high end turntable and listened INTENTLY, for results. Smooth sound, added fidelity on both ends of the sound spectrum and a stylus that remained clean after tracking. I was in awe!

I have concluded that this isn’t just the best vinyl cleaner in its price range, but possibly the best cleaner money can buy! I highly recommended it to any and all vinyl enthusiasts or just casual record listeners. It not only cleans record albums (33 1/3 rpm), but 45 rpm singles and 78 rpm discs as well. Just move the rollers to the appropriate slots and away you go! Extremely versatile and worth every penny, and more!
The Spin Clean Record Cleaner website 

Thursday, September 27, 2012


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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Jan. 1978
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