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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My son plays his first Bluesfest!

I was in Cedar Rapids Saturday night for a Bluesfest known as Bluesmore (a non-profit fest) ! It's on the grounds of the National Registry's Landmark Museum known as Brucemore Mansion (also a non-profit organization).

Not a bad shindig at all! I'm a bug fan of the blues as is most of my family. I grew up hearing it played on teh stereo from my dad, but also hearing it performed by my father and mother as well.

I play some guitar, but my 12 year old, David, is quite good for his age. He was asked by Gary "Bubba" Gibson to play at the fest on the Brucemore porch stage with another young man named Ben Bollwitt, 14, from Monticello on drums!

(Ben, 14 yrs,on left, my son, David, 12 yrs, on right)

It was a blast to see these two young men, who'd only met at three o'clock that day, gig together for the first time and learn from each other. Both of them were paying special attention to each other, to keep the rhythm chugging along. very professional characteristics from these early teens. A back-up band helped them along and filled out the sound with keyboards, bass, horn and clarinet known as Krewe Osgood, a New Orleans style Jazz band.

(David with guitar and top hat)

(David and Ben discussing music before going onstage)

On main stage were acts from all over the blues world! The Avey Brothers, from the Quad Cities, are a blues trio that had some great blues covers such as Stevie Ray Vaughn's "WILLIE THE WIMP" (one of my all-time favorites).

(David with The Avey Bros.)

Next on the stage was a band out of Wisconsin with a rather large following called Reverened Raven and the Chain-smoking Altar Boys! Amazing band with a saxophonist that could make you shake it without worry of breaking it.... Did some covers of the late Albert Collins, like "TOO MANY DIRTY DISHES" and and some original tunes as well.

Headliner was Deana Bogart. A multi-talented blues-WOMAN that my parents have seen before... Great voice, amzing pianist, and sexy sax, or as some say SAXUALITY!

(David with headliner Deana Bogart)

All in all, had a blast Saturday night at Bluesmore and David.... You were awesome!

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