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Monday, August 16, 2010

New albums in my collection

Ace Frehley - Second Sighting and Live + 1

David Bowie - Never Let Me Down and Tesla - The Great Radio Controversy

R.E.O. Speedwagon -Nine Lives and Self-titled

Genesis - Wind and the Wuthering and Trespass

Fleetwood Mac - Future Games and Genesis - Selling England by the Pound

Slade - Keep Your Hands Off Our Power Supply and The Firm - Mean Business

Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire and ...Sings Hank Williams

Johnny Cash - At Folsom Prison and The Buddy Holly Story

Nancy Sinatra - Boots and How Does That Grab You? (both mono)

Nancy Sinatra - ... in London and Country My Way (stereo)

Nancy Sinatra - Sugar (great cover!) and Movin' with Nancy (television special with "special" guests)

Zebra - Self-titled and No Tellin' Lies

Klatuu - 1st album and The Immortal Otis Redding

Sgt. Barry Sadler - ballad of the Green Berets and Soundtrack for "The Happening"

Ramsey Lewis - Dancing in the Street and Wade in the Water

Ramsey Lewis - Never On a Sunday and Up Pops Ramsey Lewis

Patsy Cline - Show Case and Ramsey Lewis - Another Voyage

Patsy Cline - Golden Hits and Here's Patsy Cline

Ravi Shankar - At the Woodstock Fest. and Six Ragas

Isaac Hayes - In the Beginning and Henry Mancini - Music from Peter Gunn

Peter, Paul and Mary - Album and Album 1700

Peter, Paul and Mary - Moving and 10 Years Together

Erroll Garner - Gems and Plays Misty

Dave Brubeck - Time Changes and Summit Sessions

Miles Davis - Miles Smiles and Prgressive Jazz Compilation

Here's Louis Armstong and Tony Bennet and Count Basie - Strike Up the Band

Oscar Peterson Trio - Stratford Shakespearean Fest. and Leon Redbone - On the Track

Sonny and Cher - Look at Us and In Case You're in Love

Herbie Mann - At the Village Gate and Monday Night at...

Portrait of Adlai Stevenson (talking record) and Jazz in the Space Age (with Bill Evans)


  1. You have a couple Vinyls I have... and you have a couple I wouldnt mind having..

    I only recently was made aware of Nancy Sinatra .. cool you have the boots vinyl. I wouldnt mind picking that up myself. I also thought she was rather beautiful looking on top of it.
    Dont make them like her is the phrase that comes to mind

  2. "Look At Us" by Sonny & Cher is one of my favourites! There's a hit on it called "Just You" that is my favorite song of theirs. If I'm correct, their version of "Groovy Kind Of Love" is on "In Case You're In Love", another hidden gem!