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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My 1973 Rock Ola 452 Console Jukebox

Turntable and arm with cartridge and needle. ^

This is the selector mechanism. ^

Back of selector mechanism, ^

Underside of glass showcase (where the selector buttons are and the title strips).^

A record just placed on turntable. ^ I hope to figure out how to get a video made of the whole thing working.


  1. Oh that is just too frickin's sweet. Living the dream man. How great is it to see 45s. I would love to hear the story of how it came into our life.

  2. It was a dark and stormy night....

    Nah. A place called 18th St. Vintage and Metro Records here in Cedar Falls, IA had it in teh back room. It's ugly and rare (cause nobody wants one like this - they want the chrome and disco lookign ones). I work there for "stuff". They pay me in trade for cleaning electronics and minor repair of said electronics. I tiold them I wanted it. They gave it. Someday I'll figure out how to post a video of it running.

  3. i just found one today only thing that is diff is the speaker cover on urs is diff but right now trying to fig how to make it play and we got a 470 one to that came with it it work and plays good i cant belive ppl throw them away any info on the 452 would be great full ty my e mail is cadillac_man68@yahoo.com