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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Turntables! Vintage, New, and exhorbently expensive! Ready to drool?

Laser Turntable - reads records without ever touching the grooves...


  1. Where can i order a set of custom acrylic tables? I work for DJ Turmoil aka TeeOh. If you haven't heard the name then i haven't been doing my job. He is the hottest up coming dj. Even Tiesto is threatened (laughing). TeeOh saw these pictures and wants to have a custom club set built. He uses the Technics 1200s and 1210...as well as the CDJ 800s & 1ks. He would like to have custom acrylic ones built that he can use for shows with out issues. Please contact us sean_joseph11@yahoo.com


  2. The above Turntables and luxury stands are made by
    George Thomsen of Prometheus Audio.

  3. Anon above is correct. I found the pics online and thought these were beautiful pieces of art and function. Glad to have you 2 anons along for the ride though! Introduce yourselves sometime!

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