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Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Year of the Beatles - 2009

2009 was surely the year of The Beatles. With the long awaited Mono and Stereo Remasters, Beatles Rockband, and so many other Beatles related events.

I am offering a one-time special "cover" for the beginning of 2010!

Here are the many Beatles covers! From the EMI UK releases to the US Capitol albums, as well as some rare ones like the Vee Jay release here in the US (before Capitol Records began distributing them) Introducing the Beatles and the origianal "butcher cover" of Yesterday and Today. Here is a complete list - line by line, left to right, of titles!

Line 1: The Early Tapes of The Beatles with Tony Sheridan, Please Please Me (EMI- UK), Intoducing the Beatles (Vee Jay- US), with the beatles (EMI- UK), Meet The Beatles (Capitol- US), Twist and Shout b/w She Loves You (Capitol- US single), The Beatles Second Album (Capitol- US), Hard Days Night Soundtrack (United Artists- US)

Line 2: Something New (Capitol- US), Hard Days Night (EMI- UK), Songs, Pictures and Stories of The Beatles (Vee Jay- US), The Beatles Story (Capitol- US), Beatles For Sale (EMI- UK), Beatles '65 (Capitol- US), The Early Beatles (Capitol- US), Beatles VI (Capitol- US)

Line 3: Help! (EMI- UK), Help! Soundtrack (Capitol- US), Rubber Soul (Capitol- US; the EMI- UK had orange color lettering and songs in a different sequence as did the US version of Revolver compared to the original EMI- UK version), Yesterday and Today (butcher cover, Capitol- US), Yesterday and Today (trunk cover, Capitol- US), Revolver (EMI- UK; see Rubber Soul above), A Collection of Beatle Oldies (EMI- UK), Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1st album to be released with the same song order by both EMI and Capitol)

Line 4: Magical Mystery Tour, The Beatles (Apple, also known as " the white album), Yellow Submarine Soundtrack, Abbey Road (Apple), Hey Jude (Apple, also listed as The Beatles, Again), Let It Be (Apple), The Beatles Christmas Album (Capitol- US; this is one album featuring all of the Beatles Fan Club Xmas recordings that were sent to the fan club members every Xmas from 1963 to 1969), The Beatles 1962-1966 (Capitol- US; also known as "the red album")

Line 5: The Beatles 1966-1970 (Capitol- US; also known as "the blue album"), Beatles Rock 'n' Roll Music (Capitol- US), Live at the Hollywood Bowl (Capitol- US: great sounding live album recorded in 1964), The Beatles Live at the Start Cub in Hamburg, Germany: 1962 (Lingasong records (bad sound recording from the very early days of the beatles with Stu Sutcliffe on bass and Pete Best on drums(before Ringo) - nice for the collectors), Love Songs (Capitol- US), Rarities (Capitol- US although EMI- UK released on with a differnt cover; much of this would end up on the Past Masters), Rarities (EMI- UK; alternate cover), Reel Music (Capitol- US; features songs from the films)

Line 6: 20 Greatest Hits (Capitol-US), Past Masters Volume 1 (EMI- UK), Paste Masters Volume 2 (EMI- UK), Live @ the BBC (Apple), Antholgy Volume 1 (Apple), Anthology Volume 2 (Apple), Anthology Volume 3 (Apple; covers painted by longtime Beatle friend, Klaus Voorman (whom they met in Hamburg, Germany and since has played bass on many of John's solo albums), Yellow Submarine Songtrack (Capitol- US; Different from the soundtrack as it has all of the songs featured in the movie, without George Martin's background scores)

This ends without adding to the collection, these releases:

These 3 above came free with the Anthology purchase.

A fresh new version of Let It Be as intended by The Beatles in the first place, before Phil Spector ruined it with orchestra backing and other worthless sound. This is MUCH better!

THE number ones!

The Capitol releases on CD for the very 1st time up to Revolver, All the discs have the stereo and mono mixes of each album!

An unbelievable soundtrack to the Cirque de Soleil Las Vegas show featuring The Beatles music. George Martin and son Giles did a mix-mash up of different Beatles song to make up a dreamy, psychedelic wonder of an album!

Here is the Stereo Remaster Box Set from 2009...

..and the Mono Remaster Box Set!

Now, wasn't that fun?

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