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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New (to me) vinyl I just aquired!

Band On The Run - Half-speed Master (oh, yeah) and John Mayall - USA Union

Former (early) Fleetwood Mac guitarist Jeremy Spencer - Flee and a blues comp. from London Records (just look who's on it!)

Best of Mark~Almond (John Mark and Johnny Almond formerly with John Mayall) and It's A Beautiful Day - Marrying Maiden

Rick Wakemen - Legend of King Arthur.... and Journey to the Centre of the Earth (dad had these when I was a kid, he didn't like the 1st - I did, we both enjoy the 2nd)

David Gilmore - About Face (1984) and Isle of Wight Fest (3 records)

Still sealed Great White - On Your Knees and Shot in the Dark

Still Sealed Great White - Recovery: LIVE and opened but very clean ...Twice Shy

The next 6 albums I got free last summer, but are in Near Mint condition and sound UNBELIEVABLE on my newly re-conditioned turntable with brand new Grado Blue1 cartridge and stylus.
Miles Davis - Kind of Blue and DAve Brubeck Quart. - Time Out on Columbia Jazz Digital Remasters

John Coltrane - My Favorite Things and A Love Supreme

Benny Goodman - All-time GH and Miles Davis- Porgy and Bess (never heard this one before although I was aware of it.... REALLY GOOD!!! Highly suggested!

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