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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Retro is becoming the present!

Record Your Own Records With Gakken’s Gramophone Kit

By Kyle VanHemert- gizmodo.com.au
Sure, anybody with ears can agree that something is lost when records are converted and compressed to digital files. But if you really want to walk the walk you can’t just listen to vinyl, you have to record your own.

Gakken’s Gramophone kit can play records of any size, using a bamboo needle to belch crackling analogue goodness out of its nickel-plated iron horn. Playback speed and tone are adjustable, and the player is powered by a hand crank. We wouldn’t want to spoil your old-school integrity with batteries, now would we?

But the most fun part of the Gramophone kit is the ability to record your own music directly to vinyl.

To record your own records, sing into the horn and the bamboo needle cuts the grooves into a new piece of vinyl. OK, it’s probably not going to sound as good as Garage Band but it’s a fun experiment nonetheless.

It’ll cost you about $US170 to import this sucker from Japan Trend Shop and some assembly is definitely required, but if you’re an analogue enthusiast and looking for a good project, Gakken’s gramophone kit might be the ticket.

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