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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Old components, still preferred.... (by those of us in the know)

The Home Stereos That Refuse to Die

Once Thought Doomed by Digital, Turntables and Other Old-School Components Keep on Grooving


Ed Sherman grew up listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Police on a record player in his parents' Hazard, Ky., living room. Now 29 and a registered nurse, Mr. Sherman still likes to listen to classic rock the old-fashioned way—and just bought 1970s-era Marantz stereo on eBay. He's also in the market for a Rega record player.

"I'd like to complete that vintage sound," says Mr. Sherman.

For many, $1 songs and $100 players have replaced $20 CDs and $1,000-dollar stereo systems. But not for Mr. Sherman and other audiophiles, many of whom cling to cabinets full of music components and milk crates of albums. Hardly Luddites—many also have MP3 players and listen to Internet radio—these are the folks who refuse to give up the superior sound of older technology.

"On an MP3, the sound is compressed," Mr. Sherman says. "So a lot of the sound that was meant to be heard is gone. On the record, you get the full spectrum of sound."

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